Reservation Limits

The following reservation limits are in place to make the use of the LMCF resources efficient and equitable for all. If you have suggestions for improvements in the booking policies or if you think somebody is cheating please let us know (you can use this form if you want to do so anonymously).

You may book up to 7 days ahead

  • Rationale: To prevent an arms-race situation where everyone has to book three-weeks ahead to be able to use the microscopes - not very efficient or convenient for anybody.

3 hour limit on some systems for fixed samples in peak hours (8-6 M-F)

  • Rationale: So several people can use a system each day
  • Applies to the Zeiss 880 Airyscan confocals, Zeiss 780 upright,  Axio Imager, Axio Observer and Leica Stellaris 8,
  • If nobody else is booked after you, you can carry on and use the system
  • Any system can be used without limits outside the peak hours (after 6pm, before 8am or on weekends)
  • Holidays count as off-peak


Exceptions/Differences for Imaging Live Samples

No time limits for system intended for imaging living specimens

The three-hour limit does not apply to the following live cell imaging systems when imaging live samples:

Please be considerate of others using these systems - e.g. If you need to leave something running for 2 days, do so over the weekend. If your sample isn't worth imaging, change your reservation and perhaps let others know that time is available.

Reservation differences for specific classes of live sample imaging

There are special considerations for:

  • Experiments with very long preparation times
  • Extremely scarce samples (e.g. patient samples that are available infrequently on a particular date)
  • Experiments that last several days (because continuous time is required)

For these situations it may be possible to book up to 14 days ahead. Let LMCF know with justification if you fall into one of these categories. Multi-day experiments on popular systems should be booked over weekends. Such use has to be balanced with the availability of the system for standard uses.

Special rules for the Zeiss 780 upright confocal and Leica Multiphoton:

  • Experiments involving live mice can be booked up to 14 days ahead
  • Time for imaging any other sample types can be reserved up to 7 days ahead