Funding Acknowledgements

The Light Microscopy Core Facility (LMCF) was initially formed from several departmental microscope resources in the LSRC. The Department of Biology and the Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology teamed up, along with the then Comprehensive Cancer Center's Confocal Microscopy Shared Resource, to hire a Director in 2006 to establish and run a cooperative microscope facility for the two departments.

The facility received substantial funding from the Office of the Provost and the Dean of the Medical School in 2007 to purchase new equipment and become a resource for the entire Duke community. The facility remains a Duke Cancer Institute Shared Resource. In 2011 systems previously run as a resource for the Cell Biology department where incorporated into LMCF.

Provost, Medicine, Cancer Center, NIH and NC Biotech logos

NIH Shared instrumentation grant 1S10RR027528-01 funded the DeltaVision.

NIH Shared Instrumentation grant 1S10RR027867-01 funded the intravital confocal and multi-photon systems.

NIH Shared Instrumentation grant 1S10OD020010-01A1 funded the Zeiss lighsheet system.

Grant IDG #2011-IDG-1002 from North Carolina Biotechnology Center funded the Olympus VivaView system.