CoreResearch@Duke Info

Reservations for the microscopes and workstations in the LMCF are made through the institutional CoreResearch@Duke (CR@D) system. CR@D provides a centrally supported, enterprise wide, efficient, booking to billing system to support operation of Shared Resources. Browser Note: The CoreResearch@Duke functionality works in Chrome, IE and Safari, but NOT in Firefox or MS Edge.

How can I be added to the CoreResearch@Duke system?

You need to be setup in the system by your lab's grant/financial manager so you are linked to a fundcode/project.

If you have any problems using the CoreResearch system we want to help you sort these out. There are some parts of this system you need to ask other people about, and some that are LMCF's responsibility. For the LMCF stuff you can ask Lisa, Gao or Ben for help.

I can't login to the system.

If you can't login to the system (assuming your netid/password are correct) and receive the rather confusing message "Invalid username or password specified" this probably means you have not been setup with a fundcode/project.

This setup needs to be done by your PI or grant manager. This can't be done by LMCF staff, only by people financially authorized with the grant. There is lots of useful information for grant managers and PIs here. If you need help with this process, please email: "", or call (919) 684-2243 (Press 4 for Research Support and Navigation).

I don't seem to be able to reserve what I should be able to reserve.

If you were previously trained on a system you should be authorized to reserve and use the same microscope in CoreResearch. If it looks like you are not certified on an instrument and should be, please ask LMCF staff. Similarly if some of the limits look not to be correct (e.g. you should be able to book a specific machine 14 days ahead) tell LMCF. There were several thousand records to move over so it is quite possible a few escaped.

I want to be added to the system and start using LMCF.

If you have never used LMCF resources before and want to start, please begin with our new user request training form. We will help you setup everything required as part of the training.


If you have specific issues or want to provide feedback for the CoreResearch@Duke system these are best submitted through the ServiceNow system