The PCB department has been gracious enough to find us extra lab space and allows us to move the Live Cell Station from LSRC C142 to LSRC B-wing for better social distancing and more usage of each system. The Live Cell Station is inside B-359 in an interior room number B362E. Your may have card access to the B-wing already, but we encourage you to test your card beforehand when you have a chance. We have installed a key box at the door of B-359 for entry via key. The combination number to open the orange-colored key box is… read more about Live Cell Station is now in LSRC B362E (entering through B359) »

The LMCF staff is available to help you remotely. Please contact us via email - (best way to get someone as it goes to all 3 staff) - or our personal email addresses - or call us on our mobile phones or text us. We will not be sitting in LMCF space to help you, but will help you remotely.  All users who are coming back to the LMCF for the first time since lab ramp-up will be required to read, understand and follow our LMCF access rules.  You must read the pdf and reply to us directly via email confirming you… read more about Please contact LMCF staff with ANY questions »

The LMCF is now partially open with social distancing rules in effect for certain microscopes. Please check with LMCF staff. Each user is required to read, understand and follow our access rules for clean and safe practices while using shared space and shared equipment. Acknowledgement of reading these access rules is required before you will be allowed back in to the facility. Rooms which contain more than one microscope will have a schedule so that we can maintain safe distancing and use. Rooms in MSRB-III with two… read more about LMCF partially open with social distancing measures - contact us »

DURHAM — Duke University has teamed up Germany-based Leica Microsystems to launch a center of microscopy to drive new discoveries and “see ever deeper into the mysteries of life.” On Wednesday afternoon, a signing ceremony will take place on campus at 147 Nanaline Duke Building to open the Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence at Duke University Light Microscopy Core Facility. The center houses several imaging systems, including cutting-edge stimulated emission depletion (STED) super-resolution and… read more about Duke University establishes microscopy center to see ‘deeper into mysteries of life’ »

Shared resource offers efficient and low-cost access to advanced imaging technology Department: Light Microscopy Core Facility Years at Duke: 7 Number of employees: 3 Who they are: The Light Microscopy Core Facility is a shared scientific resource for Duke faculty, staff and students. Researchers can use any of nearly two dozen different high-tech imaging machines, from simple fluorescence microscopes to $500,000 confocal microscopes that… read more about Department Spotlight: Light Microscopy Core Facility »