How to Make a Reservation

Enter the system here and authenticate with your netid and password

The CoreResearch system will offer booking and service requests for many cores across Duke. You need to select the core you want to use (always choose LMCF because all other techniques are not as fun). Then select the relevant "Group" - basically a subset of the resources in the core.

CoreResearch System screen shot

When you see the calendar, find the instrument you want to use (you need to have been trained on it to use it but the calendar shows all) and find some free time on the system. (The default calendar shows three months of days to choose from but most systems can only be booked 7 days ahead). Drag a time block that you want to reserve.

calendar tool

This brings up this box where you need to:

  • Select the fundcode (Project ID) that is to be used for this specific reservation - click the magnifying glass icon to get to the box where you can select your code (Press OK on the search box to show all options). You should be set up in the system already so you can select the relevant one (click here if you don't see any) then press "Select & Return".
  • Same procedure for the "Reserved for unique ID" box : click the magnifying glass, choose yourself and "Select & Return"
  • Adjust the date and times if necessary (e.g. multiday booking for long experiments).
  • Please use the "Experiment Information" box to add notes about the use of the system as appropriate (eg lasers and temperatures) to help minimize on/off cycles of components.
selecting fundcode screen shot

There are TWO things you need to do after the information is entered . . . 1. Press Save. The system then checks if the reservation is ok (e.g. the time is actually available, you are certified on the system and the reservation is within any relevant limits).

how to "save"

2. If that is ok you then need to press "Submit For Approval" to confirm the booking. (if you don't do this second step, your initial booking is deleted by an evil CoreResearch@Duke gremlin after 5 min and you will not have a reservation on the system).

confirm booking screen shot

We automatically and instantly approve all valid reservations (this feature is built for other cores that have some kind of staff approval for sessions). Your reservation will be visible in green on the calendar. You can double click it to edit/cancel it or to input your actual used times.

reservation screen completed