Links to Image Analysis Software

Software Packages Available in LMCF


Imaris logo

with several analysis modules: Imaris, MeasurementPro, Imaris Track, Imaris Colocalization, In Press, Filament Tracer, Vantage and Imaris XT (Matlab) are available on both FFSC64bit and Nan Duke workstations.



Metamorph logo

MetaMorph Premier (4 offline licenses FFSC 64bit, LSRC workstation 2, Nan Duke workstation and RP2 workstation) - Tracking, 4Dviewer, count nuclei, neurite outgrowth etc applications. MetaMorph Basic (1 license - LSRC WS1 64bit) - core functions with MDA review but no App modules.


Huygens logo

Huygens Essential deconvolution
from SVI with options for widefield, confocal, multiphoton, spinning disk and timeseries all running with 8 threads. PSF distiller allows the use of measured PSFs. Batch deconvolution. 3D visualization, colocalization and analysis. LSRC 64bit workstation 1.


- Visualization and quantitation/measurements for 3D and 4D data. Colocalization and tracking. Two copies - LSRC 64-bit WS1 and Nan Duke workstation.



ImageJ/FIJI, Zeiss (Zen) and Leica offline, Excel, MatLab and various other useful tools that are free or commonly available are provided for convenience.

Software For Your Personal Computer


FIJI (FIJI Is Just ImageJ)
FIJI is a version of ImageJ with prepacked plugins and a few other tweaks FIJI - Fiji is just imageJ


Image J
Free software for image analysis, a Java based version of NIH image, versatile and many plugins are available. Available for Mac OS, Linux and PC. ImageJ site


Zeiss free offline software

Zeiss Zen Lite software for all Zeiss confocal and wide-field images (also opens old .lsm files from the 510 AIM software). PC only. Download



Leica free offline software

LAS AF Lite: Free version of the Leica confocal LAS AF software for your own computer. PC only. Download.

LAS X Office: Free version of the Leica confocal LAS X software for your own computer. PC only. Download.


Irfanview Free program that can open a large variety of image file formats. PC only.