Zeiss Lumar.V12 Stereoscope Manual


  • Brightfield/darkfield transmitted/reflected light
  • Red and green fluorescence
  • Digital image capture - colour and fluorescence
  • 9.6x to 120x total magnification (= ~1x to ~10x objective on a standard scope)
  • Image field of view up to 20 mm
  • Z-stacks
  • Time lapse

Power-up protocol

  1. Mercury Arc Lamp
  2. EMS-1 (the electronics controling the scope)
  3. Transmitted and/or reflected light sources as required
  4. Log on to PC if you want to capture images

The mercury arc lamp has to be on for at least 30 min. Turning off the bulb before it is fully heated reduces the life of the bulb.

The arc lamp also should not be turned on when hot, it needs to cool for 30 min before turning back on.


Visualizing Your Sample

  • Check the eyepiece/camera switch is set appropriately
  • Use the SyCoP to control the stereoscope

For visualizing fluorescence:

  • Tap "function" then "fluorescence" on the Sy.Co.P
  • Choose red or green filters
  • Tap close shutter

Capturing images

Open AxioVision

Establish appropriate illumination either on the SyCoP or using the software by clicking the TL, RL, Green, Red buttons.

Click Live to see live image. Exposure sets exposure time automatically. Click Snap to take an image.

Save the images you want in a TIF format.


Finishing and shutting down

  1. Log off computer
  2. Turn off EMS-1
  3. Turn off TL and RL sources
  4. Turn off mercury arc lmap