Reservations for the microscopes and workstations in the LMCF are made through the institutional CoreResearch@Duke (CR@D) system. CR@D provides a centrally supported, enterprise wide, efficient, booking to billing system to support operation of Shared Resources. Browser Note: The CoreResearch@Duke functionality works in Chrome, IE and Safari, but NOT in Firefox or MS Edge.

Requirements for Facility Use

  1. Users must observe all rules for using the facility.
  2. There are fees for using LMCF resources.
  3. Microscopes are available to trained users 24/7, subject to stated reservation limitations.

Reservation Process

  1. Ensure you have access to CoreResearch@Duke system
    • You need to be setup in the system by your lab's grant/financial manager so you are linked to a fundcode/project. It is not possible for you or us to make reservations before this is done.
    • The system requires you to select the fundcode/project when you make the booking.
    • The recording of actual used time will now be done through the reservation system. You still only pay the hourly fees for the time you actually use. If you don't update your reservation with the actual time when you are finished, the system defaults to billing for the entire reservation. We rely on your honesty for the booking/used time.
    • If you are running late you need to modify the reservation before your time begins. Billing time starts automatically at the start of your reservation.
    • The new system handles multi-day reservations so you can make one reservation for a whole multi-day or overnight time-lapse experiment.
  2. Make a reservation for an LMCF System
  3. Change or delete a reservation before it starts
  4. Start using LMCF for the first time
  5. Record your actual usage of the system
  6. Tips for Using the CoreResearch System