Access to the Microscopy Facility

After training: if you are comfortable using a system, you are welcome to use it any time you want - day or night, any day of the year. All systems are available to all users regardless of departmental affiliation but we may need to get you access to the building if you don't have that already. The information we need to do this is from the new user form.

The different buildings that house the LMCF microscopes have slightly different access procedures and we fit in with the local policies and procedures of our hosts.

French Family Science Center (FFSC)

The main microscopy suite in FFSC 4226 is accessed by ID swipe card. FFSC 4323 uses a different key and we will provide that if you need to use the Zeiss 510 confocal. Building access for after hours use is by ID swipe card and can be arranged once trained on a system.

Levine Science Research Center (LSRC)

If members of your lab have been trained to use microscopes in LSRC, then your lab will have been given one key, please keep the key safe and share it with your lab mates. We have allocated all of our available keys. New trained users will be shown how to gain access to a key if their lab does not already have one.

Often the LSRC rooms are open during "business hours" but this is not guaranteed so you should bring your key.

Nanaline Duke

Access is by ID swipe card for the building and main room (337). If you need access to the Zeiss 780 inverted or Leica SP5 upright confocals, we will show you where to find the key when you are trained.

Research Park II

The rooms in RP2 have ID swipe card readers. Your card needs to be activated to gain access and we will send your details to the card office when you are trained on the system.

Unfortunately the University and Medical Center don't use the same type of access swipe cards. The card reader in RP2 works with HID type cards. (Your card will have a "HID" shown in the bottom left corner on the back - the side with the black stripe and barcode - if it is of the HID type). If you are in the Medical School you probably have a HID card already. If you affiliated with the University, your card may or may not be HID. If it is not, you will need to go to the card office and request a HID card. The card office is in Telcom Building, telephone 684-5800. They charge $10 for the new card, often departments/labs will pay for this but you should check if this is the case for you. If you want to pay the card office with a fundcode they need authorization by an email or letter from the grant manager.