Widefield Fluorescence

DeltaVision Elite Deconvolution Microscope
  • Widefield imaging of living and fixed samples
  • Optimized deconvolution
  • Solid-state illumination, fast excitation switching
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 control
  • Hardware-based autofocus
  • High-precision XYZ stage
  • Dual cameras - high-resolution and high-sensitivity
  • 405 nm and 488 nm lasers for photoactivation and photo-bleaching experiments
  • Optical axis integration/z-sweep acquisition
  • Kohler and critical illumination
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Live Cell Station 1: Zeiss Axio Observer
  • Imaging living samples and fixed samples - any fluorescent protein
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 control
  • High sensitivity - EMCCD camera
  • Multiposition timelapse
  • Tiled images
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Olympus VivaView FL Incubator Microscope-2019
  • Incubation system allowing multi-day timelapse
  • Fluorescence and transmitted light DIC imaging
  • Up to 8 samples can be imaged per timelapse
  • Multiposition timelapse
  • Z-stacks
  • Liquid handling - change media or add drugs
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Zeiss Axio Imager Widefield Fluorescence Microscope
  • Widefield fluorescence imaging
  • Motorized stage for stitching/tiling
  • Transmitted light images - brightfield, DIC
  • Colour camera for IHC (e.g. H&E staining)
  • Z-stacks
  • Apotome for optical sectioning
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Zeiss Axio Observer Widefield Fluorescence Microscope
  • Multi-channel fluorescence imaging - DAPI, CFP, green, YFP, red and far-red
  • Phase contrast and DIC optics
  • Ideal for thin fixed specimens (oil objectives)
  • Multi-well plate holder for TC cell documentation
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