French Family Science Cluster

The Light Microscopy Core Facility rooms in the French Family Science Center (FFSC) cluster are all located on the 4th floor of the French Family Science Center. The main building entrance of the FFSC is through the second floor entrance.

Street Address:

Light Microscopy Core Facility
Duke University
4215 French Family Science Center
124 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708



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Room Locations:

French Family Science Cluster Rooms
Room 4323 microscope
Room 4323 FFSC - The Inverted 510 confocal is a versatile and popular system ideal for imaging fixed samples.
Room 4227 FFSC - The DeltaVision, a high-end widefield fluorescence imaging system optimized for deconvolution, multiposition timelapse and live cell imaging in general.
Axio Observer microscope
Room 4226 FFSC houses an inverted Axio Observer microscope