Leica SP8 2photon DIVE

Leica SP8 2photon DIVE


MSRB3 - 4229


  • Multiphoton imaging of thick in vivo and in vitro samples
  • Long working distance objectives optimized for multiphoton
  • Tunable fSec Ti:Saph laser (680-1080 nm) with pulse compensation
  • Tunable fSec Ti:Saph laser (680-1300 nm) wiht pulse compensation
  • 4 HyD (sensitive) non-descanned detectors
  • Tiled z-stack acquisition
  • Scientifica animal stage; also slides and dishes


$50.00 per hour

Detailed Specifications

This system is the newest multi-photon system on the market with wavelength adjustable detection ranges on all four sensitive HyD detectors. One confocal path PMT also available.


  • Chameleon Vision II single box Ti:Saph fsec laser with pulse compensation;
    • Tunable range 680-1080 nm @40 nm/sec, 80 MHz rep rate, 140 fsec pulse width
  • Spectra Physics Insight 3x with 680-1300nm tunable range

Two photon laser and wavelength information:

Link to Two-photon cross sections at Cornell | MPE spectra from Olympus

Excitation beam optics:

  • Intensity control via AOM


  • Leica DM6 upright
  • Scientifica XY motorized stage with 2 exchangeable platforms
  • 25x/1.05 NA water motorized correction objective WD 1.8 mm


  • 4 sensitive HyD non-descanned detectors in the epi position
  • Adjustable emission bands available controlled in software