Zeiss Lumar.V12 Stereoscope

Zeiss Lumar.V12 Stereoscope




  • Brightfield/darkfield transmitted/reflected light
  • Red and green fluorescence
  • Digital image capture - colour and fluorescence
  • 9.6x to 120x total magnification (= ~1x to ~10x objective on a standard scope)
  • Image field of view up to ~20 mm
  • Z-stacks
  • Time lapse


$8 per hour

Detailed Specifications

Zeiss Lumar.V12 stereoscope body, motorized focus column and base.

1.2x and 1.5x objectives

SyCoP system control panel with EMS-1

Transmitted and reflected light sources

HBO100 fluorescence arc lamp

Fluorescence filters

  • Green - BP 450-490; BP 515-565
  • Red - 546/12; BP 575-640


  • AxioCam MRm firewire monochrome camera (1388*1040=1.4 MP, field of view: 18.7mm x 14.0mm with 0.5x optical camera adapter)
  • AxioCam 105 Color USB3 camera (2560*1920=5.0 MP, field of view: 11.7mm x 8.8mm with 1x optical camera adapter)

HP Z240 Tower Workstation

  • Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)l
  • Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz processor, 16GB RAM
  • ZEN 2.3 Pro (Blue Edition)