Leica SP5 Inverted Confocal

Leica SP5 Inverted Confocal




  • Imaging diverse fluorophores in fixed or live samples
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 control
  • Spectrally tunable detectors
  • Ultra-fast resonant scanning (reduced photo-damage with live samples)
  • 3D z-stacks, timelapse, multi-position timelapse
  • FRAP/FLIP/Photoactivation, FRET (ratio or acceptor photobleaching)


$30 per hour base rate, discounted for bulk use

Detailed Specifications


  • Leica DMI6000CS (inverted)
  • Live cell chamber (Ludin cube)
  • Metal halide fluorescence source
  • Motorized scanning stage

Tandem scanners (select at software initialization)

  • Conventional scanner
  • Resonant scanner (8 000 Hz)


  • 405 nm Diode laser
  • Argon/2 (458, 477, 488, 496, 514nm)
  • 561 nm Diode laser
  • HeNe 594 nm
  • HeNe 633nm

Conventional fluorescence filters:

  • Analyzer
  • Dapi
  • Green
  • Red


  • 10x/0.40 11506284, 10X HC PL APO, NA:0.40, air, WD: 2.2mm, coverglass: 0.17mm, M25
  • 20x/0.70 11506513: HC PL APO CS, NA: 0.7, air, DIC, WD: 0.59mm, coverglass: 0.17mm, Thread type: M25.
  • 40x/1.25-0.75 oil 11506250: 40X, HCX PL APO, NA: 1.25, Oil, DIC, WD: 0.1mm, coverglass: 0.17mm, Iris diaphragm, Thread type: M25
  • 63x/1.20 water 11506279: 63X, HCX PL APO W Corr CS, NA: 1.2, Water, DIC, WD: 0.22mm, Coverglass: 0.14mm-0.18mm, thread type: M25
  • 100x/1.4-0.70 oil 11506210: HCX PL APO, NA: 1.4, Oil, DIC, WD: 0.09mm, Coverglass: 0.17mm, Iris Diaphragm, Thread type: M25


  • AOBS serves as tunable dichroic for all lasers


  • Three channels
  • All cooled PMTs
  • All spectral detactors
  • Transmitted light detector


  • HP Z269 workstation with Intel Xeon E5-2650 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 2TB data drives
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Leica LAS AF 2.6