Leica AM Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope

Leica AM Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope


RPII 111


  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) imaging
  • Automated or manual alignment
  • Variable TIRF depth
  • 3 channels
  • EM-CCD camera
  • Environmental chamber


$18.70 per hour base rate, discounted for bulk use

Detailed Specifications

Sample Requirements:

Samples for TIRF need to be in the format shown below. The technique only works with a glass/water interface.

TIRF Sample Requirements

Detailed specifications:

Leica DMI6000 B motorized microscope

Environmental chamber, two-channel temperature control and CO2 regulation

Leica AM TIRF module - automatic alignment of TIRF illumination

Laser - Diode lasers (488 561 635 nm) with AOTF control

EL-6000 metal halide fluorescence light source with discrete attentuator

Filter cubes:

  1. VBG triple  x422/44 d435 m465/45 | x490/20 d505 m545/55 | x552/24 d550 m610/65
  2. 635 far-red x 620/60 d660 m700/75
  3. Green only x480/40 d505 m527/30


  • 10x/0.40 HC PLAN APO 11506284: 10X, HC PL APO, NA: 0.40, air, DIC, WD: 2.2mm, Coverglass: 0.17mm, Thread type: M25
  • 20x/0.70 HC PLAN APO 11506166: 20X, HC PLAN APO, NA: 0.70, air, DIC, WD: 0.59mm, Coverglass: 0.17mm, Thread type: M25
  • 40x/0.75 HCX PLAN APO 11506173: 40X, HCX PL APO U-V-I, NA: 0.75, air, DIC, WD: 0.28mm, Coverglass: 0.17mm, Thread type: M25
  • 100x/1.46 oil TIRF objective 11506274: HCX PL APO 23o-37o, NA: 1.46, Oil, DIC, WD: 0.09mm, Coverglass: 0.10mm-0.22mm, Thread type: M25


  • Hamamatsu imagEM backthinned EM-CCD camera (512*512), C9100-13


  • Leica workstation, 2 GB RAM, Dual hard-drives
  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Leica LAS AF 1.8.0