Olympus FV1000 Multiphoton

Olympus FV1000 Multiphoton


RPII 112


  • Multiphoton imaging of thick in vivo and in vitro samples
  • Long working distance objectives optimized for multiphoton
  • Tunable fSec Ti:Saph laser (680-1080 nm) with pulse compensation
  • 4 non-descanned detectors
  • Tiled z-stack acquisition
  • ScaleView imaging
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) capability


$45.50 per hour base rate, discounted for bulk use

Priority User Statement

This system was purchased partially with a shared instrumentation grant for a system for intravital imaging. Users with such experiments receive booking priority on this system in that they may book up to 14 days ahead. All other users with fixed or other live samples are very welcome to use spare time on the system. We will review this policy as the use of the system develops to ensure the system serves its intended use and also more general use in the most efficient manner.

Detailed Specifications

The system has been upgraded with a ScaleView lens and motorized stage. The scaleview objective is optimized for imaging samples optically cleared in the scaleview reagent. Sample are fixed and cleared and the fluorescent proteins expressed in the original tissue can be imaged to a depth of up to 8 mm. The motorized stage allows 3D tiling and assembly of data sets covering large areas and volumes of tissue. This website has examples of the images that can acquired.


Excitation beam optics:

  • Intensity control via AOM
  • Automatic beam expander
  • Gold-coated scanning mirrors
  • FV1000 MPE Exclusive scanhead


  • Olympus BX61WI upright fixed stage
  • Prior H117 ProScan III encoded XY motorized stage
  • 25x/1.05 NA water objective optimized for MPE XLPL25XWMP WD 2.0 mm 0 to 0.23 micron coverslip correction
  • 25x/0.9 NA ScaleView immersion lens XLPLN25XSVMP WD 8 mm 0 to 0.23 micron coverslip correction
  • Blue, Green and Red standard fluorecence cubes
  • C-mount port
  • Versatile stage with spacer to give large free working distance under objective (98 mm)


  • 4 high efficiency non-descanned detectors in the epi position
  • Emission bands available - Dapi, CFP,GFP, YFP, Red in switchable cubes
  • The blue or Cyan channels can be used for SHG (Second Harmonic Generation)

Incubation/perfusion system available:

  • Warner instuments heated stage top chamber
  • Dual channel heater controller - chamber and solution
  • Perfusion system