Please contact LMCF staff with ANY questions

The LMCF staff is available to help you remotely. Please contact us via email - (best way to get someone as it goes to all 3 staff) - or our personal email addresses - or call us on our mobile phones or text us. We will not be sitting in LMCF space to help you, but will help you remotely. 

All users who are coming back to the LMCF for the first time since lab ramp-up will be required to read, understand and follow our LMCF access rules.  You must read the pdf and reply to us directly via email confirming you have read the document and will follow all the rules. No access is allowed until you have read and replied.  Please note we have a 24hr our advance reservation set for our microscope systems so that we can see reservations and plan to be available to help you and to make sure that the mandatory 30min break between users is entered into the calendar. Please plan in advance. Please email us with any questions. We may be able to help with reservations within 24 hours, just ask.

Access to buildings: if you had access to LMCF space after hours prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, then your access will be restored when your lab has been approved to re-open. Please check your ID in advance of your reservation time.  If you often came between 9am-5pm when doors were open in LSRC or NanDuke, please double check that your ID has been activated. Contact us for help or to request access. Please note that the LMCF does not have control over external building doors at this time; external access is controlled by the School of Medicine for SoM buildings.

Please contact us with any questions at all. Thank you.