Image Analysis Project Assistance


by Dr. Vladimir Popov in association with the Duke LMCF

Our primary purpose is to help you extract valuable information from raw image data.

A good example of such a task is to find in image(s) specific curve(s) or region(s), model and calculate their geometric properties.

Our solutions will be based on the techniques grounded in Imaging Processing, Statistical Analysis/Learning, Machine Learning, Modeling using Ordinary Differential Equations or Equations with Partial Derivatives, etc.

Please contact Vladimir Popov or Lisa Cameron or LMCF email to learn more or schedule a consultation.

If you schedule an initial consultation (see below), please, look at the guidelines to plan and consider prior to the meeting with Vlad.

Image Analysis Project Assistance - Fee Schedule (introductory rates)

Initial consultation (up to 1 hour) free
Project feasibility assessment (estimated at 10-20 hours) $50.00/hr
Perform project $60.00/hr



1: “Initial consultation” - free

This is the first meeting between Vladimir Popov and Duke researcher(s) to discuss an image analysis project that requires more than Imaris software or Fiji/ImageJ implementation. It will allow Vladimir to learn about the science and results that the laboratory/PI is looking for. Vladimir will arrange meeting times. Discussion time should be approximately 1 hour or less and allow the parties to decide whether to go forward.

2: “Project feasibility assessment”

Vladimir will interact with lab personnel as needed to fully understand the scientific project, obtain data. After all data and info is received from lab personnel, it takes 2-3 business weeks to review and estimate possible solutions (though, 2-3 business days are paid), and, if feasible, develop a detailed project plan.

Based on that, he will estimate the number of hours that the project would take to complete, and present the plan to the Duke researcher(s), who can decide whether the project is a “go” (the researcher and PI agree to pay the estimated cost for the project) or “no go” (no additional cost).

3: “Perform project”

Vladimir will perform the image analysis project and deliver the results within the estimated time.  Feedback and updates along the way are recommended. If the project takes less time than estimated, the lab/PI will be charged only the time needed.  If the project takes longer to complete, the researcher/PI and Vladimir will meet to discuss plans for going forward or stopping. 


We would appreciate feedback on all of these steps.