Information about using LMCF

Information for after you have been trained . . .


We will make sure you have access to the systems you want to use. Some information is here

Making a reservation

Now that you know how to use the microscope you can book and use it any time you want. Click "Booking" in the leftside menu and use your netid to login to the system.

Need more information or help?

We try and make as much information as possible available on the website. That is a good place to start if you have questions or are looking for a specific piece of information.

Please ask if you have problems or want to know more.

Further training

You are welcome to use as many different microscopes as you need. If you start imaging different things it is quite likely a different scope might be better. All the systems are listed on the website. Please request training on any of the other scopes if you want to start using them.

You are welcome to bring along lab mates or do imaging for them. If other people from your lab want to use the scopes themselves please ask them to request training.


Billing happens automatically through the CoreResearch@Duke institutional software. Fundcodes are collected at the time of reservation.

Emails and communication

We send emails to users if there is important news (eg there is a new microscope or event that may be of interest). These emails are kept to a minimum. The status of microscopes is indicated on the booking page.

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