Virtual tour of LMCF

The LMCF microscopes are located in four clusters in adjacent buildings to make it convenient for users. All microscopes are open to all users.

C142 LSRC houses the Leica SP5 confocal for confocal imaging of fixed and live specimens, the Live cell station for widefield imaging of live cell samples, the spinning disk and the Lumar stereoscope for imaging of large specimens. A standard 5% CO2 incubator is present to hold live samples before imaging.

4226 FFSC - The Inverted 510 confocal is a versatile and popular system ideal for imaging fixed samples.

4227 FFSC - The DeltaVision, a high-end widefield fluorescence imaging system optimized for deconvolution, multiposition timelapse and live cell imaging in general.

Duke LMCF deltavision in 4227 ffsc

112 RP2 - Olympus Multiphoton

Duke LMCF olympus multiphoton

112 RP2 - the Zeiss 780 upright fixed stage confocal

Duke LMCF zeiss 780 confocal

4323 FFSC - the upright 510 confocal, water objectives ideal for thick living samples.

C171 LSRC houses the Zeiss Axio Imager, a popular microscope for widefield fluorescence imaging. A colour camera allows imaging of H&E etc slides.

4226 FFSC houses an inverted Axio Observer microscope

337 Nanaline Duke houses a Zeiss 710 confocal

duke lmcf 710 confocal

A Leica SP8

duke lmcf sp8

and Live Cell Station 2

duke lmcf live cell station 2

111 RP2 hosts the VivaView Incubator microscope . . .

duke lmcf vivaview

TIRF . . .

duke lmcf TIRF

and laser capture

duke lmcf laser capture microdissection

111 RP2 also has a tissue culture hood and incubator for sample prep

duke lmcf tc facility

LMCF has several workstations with a variety of analysis software.

duke lmcf nan duke workstation