Training and education - All new users receive training for the instruments they wish to use. Fill out the new user form to request training. We are happy to train you on as many microscopes as you need to use. Refresher courses and advanced training are available for users previously trained. Microscopy classes covering theory are available.

Advice - To ensure you get the most out of microscopy we are available for discussion about all aspects of your imaging - conceptual approaches, sample preparation, reagent purchases, image acquisition, troubleshooting and image processing and analysis. No question is too big or small; please contact us with any queries you have. All information is treated confidentially.

Collaboration - We are happy to have an active involvement in your research and provide intellectual and practical input towards the imaging aspects of your science. We are more than happy to perform imaging with you, to attend meetings with people involved in the project, and to read grant applications and drafts of papers.

Image analysis - Post-acquisition image processing and analysis is an important part of modern microscopy. We can assist you with your analysis to ensure it is appropriate and optimal. We can even offer an impartial eye to help you assess your data!

Host demonstrations - If your lab is interested in testing a piece of imaging equipment it may be easier for you (and better for the company and other users) if the demonstration be hosted by LMCF.

Help with lab equipment - If you need help with your lab microscope we might be able to assist (eg train you how to change the bulb or train in detail someone in the lab to look after the system). We charge an extended technical assistance fee for doing this.

Take over lab equipment - If your lab has imaging equipment that is either little used or burdensome to run, it may be possible to transfer the equipment to the facility allowing continued usage for you, access to others, and reduced cost to your lab.

If there are any other ways in which we can facilitate and add to your research, please contact us.