Rationale of LMCF rules

In case you are wondering why some of the rules are necessary. . .

All users must be trained by LMCF staff to use the microscope(s) Users then know how to operate the microscope properly, we know who is using the microscopes, training is free and tailored to your needs
Always reserve the microscope using the online booking calendar Helps avoid clashes, lets any user signed up later to know the scope has been left on for them, is the basis of the billing
Start on time . . . don't book excessive time . . . notify the next user if you finish early We get the most out of the scopes. It's not ideal if a scope is booked solidly all day but sits unused for an hour or two.
All Arc lamps must be kept on for 30 min minimum and need to cool for 30 min before being reignited Turning an arc lamp on and off reduces its life. If the lamp is switched off before it has fully warmed up mercury condenses on the glass :( Having minimum times for the lamp to be on and off increases the lifetime of the expensive bulbs
Check the online booking calendar at the end of your session; leave the system on if someone is booked within . . . Turning lasers/arc lamps on and off reduces their lifetime. The procedures are designed to prolong the life of the $$$ components
When reservations are unused and not cancelled, the lab is charged for the entire time rather than the time actually used To discourage wasted time. Some microscopes are often booked all day and somebody else could have used the time if the reservation had been cancelled.