Tips and suggestions for using the CoreResearch system

Once you are setup in the CoreResearch system, here are some suggestions that might help you and us . . .

Use the quick view calendar - see who is next or when systems are available

If you want to find out whether you should turn off the system or leave it on you can check the quick view calendar. Mouse over the reservations to see comments and contact details. This calendar can be more easily restricted to a system of interest with more intuitive day and week views than then CoreResearch calendar.

Please add comments when booking for your use of the system

These help to let people know which lasers to leave on etc. These are added in the "experiment information" box on the reservation page.

Please report any problems with the scope here

The report problem form alerts all LMCF staff so we can fix any problems. The comments system in CoreResearch frankly doesn't function in a particularly useful way.

I don't want to get as many emails

You can customize some of the emails here

I don't see any options listed when I try and select something

There are quite a few places where you have to press "OK" with a blank search box to actually see the lists (eg fund/project-codes).

Grrrrr, I don't like the new system

We understand it is quite different to the old system and not always the easiest interface to use. The CoreResearch team are working on improvements (better interface, only showing microscopes relevant to you). You can send them suggestions here.