Lisa Cameron, PhD
4215 FFSC
(919) 613-8216


Lisa comes to Duke from Boston where she built and ran the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Confocal and Light Microscopy Core from 2008-2016. Prior to that she was a postdoc in Ted Salmon’s lab at UNC-Chapel Hill where she studied microtubule dynamics in mitosis using high-resolution live-cell imaging. She received her PhD from Stanford University in the laboratory of Julie Theriot studying actin cytoskeletal dynamics. She has always been fascinated by watching things move using light microscopy.


yasheng gao duke lmcf
Yasheng Gao, PhD ("Gao")
C167  LSRC
(919) 613-8168

"Microscopy Specialist "

Gao began working in LMCF in October 2008. He has a PhD in Cell Biology obtained from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research mainly focused on intracellular membrane trafficking, the cytoskeleton, endocytosis/phagocytosis and cell signaling. He has been a regular user of different microscopes in the LMCF for several years as a post-doc in the Yao lab at Duke. He is particularly experienced in immunofluorescence.

Gao supports most of the microscopes but mainly the systems in LSRC where he is based.


Benjamin Carlson
Benjamin Carlson, PhD
337 Nanaline Duke
(919) 681-4076

"Microscopy Specialist "

Ben began working in LMCF in January of 2012. He has a PhD in Cell Biology obtained here at Duke University. His research focused on membrane protrusion development in neurons and how dysregulation of the formation of these protrusions alter synapse formation and contribute to mental retardation. He has been a regular user of the microscopes in Nanaline Duke for several years as a graduate student in the Soderling Lab performing a wide range of imaging and analysis. Previous to his work and study in biological fields, Ben trained and worked as an Engineer, including some time at NASA, and is keen to develop the image analysis capabilities of LMCF.

Ben provides most of the support for the Nanaline Duke systems and works with many other systems across LMCF.



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Sam Johnson, PhD


"Former Director"

Sam built and ran LMCF from 2006 to 2016. Previously he was a Postdoc in Tony Hunter's lab at the Salk Institute, CA where he became interested in techniques for studying signaling events in living cells. In attempting such techniques he spent a lot of time in rooms with no windows and also learned a fair amount about microscopes, microscopy and image analysis. He received a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol and studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in the UK.


Heather Gavilan duke lmcf
Heather S Gavilan

Heather has managed microscopes at Duke for several years but is currently taking a career break to attend to the needs of her young family. Prior to Heather's microscope support work with LMCF, she worked in Rick Fehon's lab for 7 years where she managed and regularly used the Zeiss 410 and 510 confocals for imaging Drosophila. Before her laboratory career, Heather spent two years teaching high school science. Heather received a BS in Biology with Chemistry minor from Virginia Tech.