New Users

  • Every instrument in the facility is open to all members of Duke University and the Medical Center
  • We welcome new users of any level of microscopy experience and training is tailored to your needs - if you know what you want to do we can show you how to use a system; if you are not familiar with imaging we can advise you and work with you to get your experiments working
  • Our approach is to teach people what you need to know to get using the scopes quickly, please ask in the future if you want to learn more.
  • You are welcome to use as many different systems as your experiments require.

Before request training please make sure you are linked to a fund code or project ID in the CoreResearch@Duke by your PI or fund manager. Help us make your training appropriate for you by filling out the form below. We generally find it best to train people shortly before starting to use the systems with your own samples so the training is relevant and fresh in your mind.

All users must have been linked to a fund code in the CoreResearch@Duke
All users must be trained by LMCF staff and follow the rules
There are fees for using LMCF resources

What do you want to do? Tell us about your experiment(s): What is the sample that you want to image? Fixed or live? Which fluorophores? Do you need advice in designing your experiments? Are your samples ready now? Anything else?

Please mention here if you have already discussed your experiment with Lisa, Gao or Ben (it is not necessary to have done so)

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