Andor Revolution WD Spinning Disk Demo October 29-31 2013

Andor will bring to Duke a system based on the CSU-W1 scanhead. This is a spinning disk unit optimized for larger fields of view and offers selectable pinholes giving better performance at lower magnifications and with thicker samples.

Some advantages of the Andor Revolution WD over previous high speed confocals.

  • 4 times the field of view. Providing up to 2560 x 2160 without speed reductions.
  • Pinhole size selection for lower magnification imaging.
  • Increased spacing of the parallel points. This prevents light scatter from being detected within thick specimens.

The demo system will have these features:

  • Imaging Lasers: 405/488/561/594/640
  • Objectives: 10, 20, 30(SO), 60(SO), 60 (oil), 100 (oil)
  • High Speed and high resolution detectors
  • Incubation (temp only)
  • Holders for slides and 35mm dishes.
  • Fast scanning piezo Z
  • Motorized XY stage for multi-point time lapse
  • Inverted DIC Microscope
  • IR based focus correction
  • FRAP/PA module
  • IMARIS software

Please email Sam if you would like to try the system with your sample.