Zeiss Z1 Lightsheet

Zeiss 780 fixed stage upright confocal axio examiner Capabilities:
  • Imaging of large samples
  • High volumetric imaging rate
  • Live imaging with low photodamage
  • Imaging of optically cleared samples

Location: Nan Duke

System is on order, expected summer 2016

Information from Zeiss

System capabilities and specifications:
  • Two-sided illumination with pivot scanner
  • 4-axis sample positioning - XYZ, rotation. Overview camera for positioning. 
  • Laser lines: 405 445 488 515 561 638 nm
  • Two PCO.Edge CMOS cameras - 1920 x 1920, 30 fps, cooled
  • Filters for: DAPI-GFP CFP-YFP GFP-mCherry GFP-farRed Red-FarRed
  • Dichroics: 405/488/561/638 445/514/638
  • Water optics: 5x /0.16 and 20x/1.0 detection optics (0.7x to 2.5 x detection zoom)
  • Clarity optics: n=1.45 20x/1.0 and 5x/0.16 detection optics and optimized sample chamber
  • Illumination optics: 5x/0.10 and 10x/0.20
  • Incubation - temperature control, cooling and heating
  • Spare sample chamber for experiments with pathogens
  • Acquisition and analysis computers - linked by highspeed connection

This system was purchased with funding from the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant 1S10-OD020010-01A1