Leica DMI 4000 inverted widefield fluorescence microscope

LMCF leica dmi 4000 Capabilities:
  • Multi-channel fluorescence imaging - Green, YFP, red and far-red
  • DIC optics
  • Multi-well plate holder for TC cell documentation
  • Manipulation and microinjection

This system will be removed from LMCF in June 2016. The groups of labs that own the system are moving lab space and the new location is not conductive to use through LMCF

Detailed specifications

  • Leica DMI 4000B inverted microscope stand
  • Manual stage with insert for slides, dishes and multiwell plates
  • X-Cite Series 120Q metal halide fluorescence source
Filter Cubes:
  1. GFP (BP470/40, FT500, BP525/50)
  2. YFP (BP500/20, FT515, BP535/30)
  3. Rhodamine
  4. Cy5 (BP620/60, FT660, BP700/75)
  5. Analyzer
  6. Dapi
  • 5x/0.12 (#11506090) : N Plan, NA 0.12, Dry, Ph0, DIC(Nomarski), WD 14mm
  • 20x/0.40 (#11506242): HCX PL FLUOTAR L, NA 0.40, Dry, DIC(Nomarski), WD 6.9mm, Coverglass 0-2
  • 40x/0.6 (#11506201): HCX PL FLUOTAR L, NA 0.60, Dry, DIC(Nomarski), WD 3.3mm - 1.9mm, Coverglass 0-2
  • 100x/1.30 (#11506196):  PL FLUOTAR L, NA 1.30, Oil, DIC(Nomarski), WD 0.13mm, Coverglass 0.17
  • Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ2 cooled digital camera
Microinjection System:
  • Eppendorf TransferMan NK2 micromanipulator (two units)
  • Eppendorf FemptoJet microinjection system
  • Dell Optiplex 780 Intel Core Duo/3.33 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB Data drive
  • Windows XP, SP3
  • LAS AF Ver. 2.1.2/Build 4530