Image Processing, Visualization and quantification class

What you do with your images is just as important as how you acquire them. You may need to process the images, visualize complex multi-dimensional data sets or extract numerical data. Understanding what to do - and what not to do - is essential for optimal handling of your data. LMCF periodically offers a short-course in these topics so you can gain knowledge, understanding and practical skills in processing and analyzing your images.

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Using and understanding microscope-specific image formats
  • Bit depths and grey values
  • Histograms and digital contrast scaling
  • Use and limitations of color
  • Making figures accurately
  • 3D visualization - principles and basic operations
  • Quantification - Numbers, sizes, intensities and other basic analysis measurements. . .
  • Use of FIJI ImageJ to do all these things
  • (The class deals mainly with fluorescence images/micrographs rather than medical images, but the concepts and procedures are often similar)

Course format:

Who is it for?

  • Open to anybody at Duke interested in these topics - Students, staff, faculty . . .
  • No previous experience of FIJI/ImageJ is required
  • The class will probably make more sense if you have acquired a few images and have some ideas of things you would like to do with them, and perhaps even attempted some of these things
  • It is ideal for people who need some help and guidance to get the most out of your microscopy data


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