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LMCF scallop eye

Dan Speiser and Sonke Johnsen

Eye of a Sea Scallop (Placopecten magellenicus) DAPI Tubulin Autofluorescence

LMCF myotubes

I-Chien Liao and Kam Leong

Skeletal C2C12 myoblasts differentiated to form myotubes. Actinin Actin DAPI

LMCF deconvolution nucleus

John Finan and Farshid Guilak

Mamallian cell nucleus expressing Histone-2B-GFP before and after 3D deconvolution with Huygens Essential.

LMCF cardiac progenitor cell cultures nanofibers

Nicolas Christoforu and Kam Leong

Cardiac progenitor cell cultures on PCL nanofibers. Tubulin Phalloidin DAPI


Elizabeth Chan and Michael Krangel

Isosurface rendering showing the location of specific genes in relation to their chromosomal territory nuclear lamina Tcrb loci and chromosome 6

duke lmcf 3d reconstruction tubulogenesis

Ran Li and Ann Marie Pendergast

Tubulogenesis by HGF-treated MDCK cells grown in 3D collagen culture. 3D reconstruction of a confocal z-stack generated using Volocity. E-cadherin

gut rendered in imaris

Rashmi Chandra and Rodger Liddle

Mouse gut. 3D reconstruction of a confocal z-stack rendered using Imaris. neurofilament, smooth muscle actin, DAPI, neuroendocrine cell

LMCF islet

Jonathan Schisler and Christopher Newgard

Pancreatic Islet showing BrDU, Insulin and Glucagon

LMCF podosomes

Yasheng Gao and Pang Yao

Podosomes and adhesion complexes on HDAC6-ablated MEF expressing cSrc-Y527F. Polymerized actin anti-acetyl-lysine

LMCF fluorescent beads

Randy Erb and and Ben Yellen

Arrangement of 1 micron fluorescent beads in response to a 20 mT magnetic field

LMCF dorsal closure

Ruth Montague and Daniel Kiehart

Dorsal closure in Drosophila. Click the image for a quicktime movie (1.7 MB)


K Mythreye and GC Blobe

Time lapse imaging of ovarian cancer cells using differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy (650 KB quicktime movie)

LMCF drosophila 3rd instar larvae gut

O'neil Guthrie and Daniel Kiehart

Digestive system of a wandering third instar larva. F-actin lamin DNA

LMCF liver

Olga Speck and Shannon McCall

Liver section showing DAPI, F-actin and aSMA

tiled confocal cerebellum

Brian Emmenegger and Robert Wechsler-Reya

Tiled image of an entire neonatal mouse cerebellum stained with Ki67 and DAPI. The image is composed of 49 fields (20x objective) computationally stitched together

red green sea urchin embryo confocal

Simon Wu and David McClay

A sea urchin embryo showing primary mesenchyme cells (1d5) and cell boundaries (beta-catenin)

butterfly nuclei

Laura Grunert and Fred Nijhout

Rendering showing the position of cell nuclei in the wing epidermis of a butterfly pupa.

lipid frap from lmcf confocal

Yee Lam and Stefan Zauscher

Differential mobility of a lipid bilayer and monolayer measured by FRAP

LMCF drosophila larval brain

Elizabeth Graham and Nina Sherwood

Drosophila larval brain

confocal reflection image of chip

Heather Wake and Martin Brooke

Confocal reflection image of a nanoprobe chip fabricated in the AMI ABN 1.5um CMOS process

LMCF podosomes hsp90

Yasheng Gao and Pang Yao

Podosomes on MEFs expressing cSrc-Y527F. polymerized actin, heat shock protein 90

Drosophila pupal morphogenesis

Susan Halsell and Dan Kiehart

Time lapse of drosophila pupal morphogenesis. Click for quicktime movie (1.5 MB).

arabidopsis SHORT-ROOT

Philip Benfey

Arabidopsis root - Transcriptional fusion of SHORT-ROOT (inset) as compared to translational fusion indicates that the transcription factor SHORT-ROOT moves from stele to adjacent tissues. Propidium iodide stains the cell wall red.

drosophila egg chamber confocal

Rick Fehon

Confocal micrograph of a developing drosophila egg chamber stained to show Merlin and Moesin

sea urchin pharynx

Dave Sherwood and Dave McClay

A confocal image showing the muscular
pharynx of two Sea Urchin embryos, one with a complete set of muscles (right) and the other missing most muscles

chick limb confocal

G Kardon

Projection of dorsal view of muscle and tendon morphogenesis in the chick right hind limb. Fast MHC tenascin

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