LMCF appreciates and would like to acknowledge its funding that heavily subsidizes your use of the facility. We hope you find the facility to be good value. The fees from 1 July 2015 are . . .

Scanning confocals
(510s SP5 SP8 780s 710 880)
$27 per hour
$27 per hour
Spinning disk confocal
$18.40 per hour
$43.20 per hour
Fluorescence microscopes
$11.80 per hour
Live cell stations, VivaView and DeltaVision
$14 per hour for first 3 hours, then $2 per hour
TIRF system
$16.30 per hour
$5.40 per hour
Laser capture
$21 per hour
Extended technical assistance
$54 per hour
Free (just pay for use of the scope)
Bulk discount
70% discount for charges over $540 per month per PI (ie the PI pays the first $540 plus 30% of charges beyond that).

The charges apply for only the time you use on the system - ie from the begining of your reservation until you press the stop button in the CoreResearch system - but please try and not book excessive time (but we understand that nobody knows exactly how long the imaging is going to take)

It is important to cancel your reservation if you don't need the time - we don't want time wasted on the busy expensive machines and somebody might leave the system on for you. If you don't use your reservation, the charge is made for the entire booking as no modification to the actual used time is made.

These fees apply however you use the system (ie if you have booked the system you pay the fee for your use even if you are just moving data, checking your cells etc).